Sher - e - Punjab is a delicious restaurant with quality ingredients.


Palak Ki Chaat(VEG)
Crispy fried seasoned palak toped with chana, chaat masala, yogurt, chutneys and pomegranate Seeds.
Polti Samosa(VEG)
Spiced potatoes and peas in a crispy pastry wrapper, Served with chutneys.
Chicken Lollipops
Crispy, lightly battered, spice marinated chicken wing drumetters.
Panner Pakora
$11.92(M) $11.95(L)
French Fries
Chicken Wings
Fish Pakora
Pakora Sampler(VEG)
A sampling of chicken flour battered fritters, Kale, Panner, spinach and Vegetable Pakoras.
Chili Chicken
Battered chicken, work-fried with a spicy blend of chilies, ginger, garlic and green onions.
Crispy Spicy Vegetables
Lightly battered vegetables seasoned with salt, prepper & wok-fried with chilies, garlic and green onions.
Masala Papad
Chana Bhatura
Chilli Panner(VEG)
Battered Panner cheese tossed with chilies, ginger, garlic and green onions. Seasoned whitefish, battered and fried crisp.
$9.99(M) $12.99(L)