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Veg Curries

Aloo Gobi Adraki

A traditional cauliflower and potato dish.

$10.99(M) $12.99(L)
Panner Tikka Masala(VEG)
Cubes of Indian cheese simmered in a cramy spiced tomato sauce.
$10.99(M) $12.99(L)
Palak Panner(VEG)
Spiced potatoes and peas in a crispy pastry wrapper, Served with chutneys.
$10.99(M) $12.99(L)
Malai Kofta(VEG)
Paneer and potato dumpling in a tomato cream sauce.
$11.99(M) $13.99(L)
Kadhai Panner
$11.99(M) $13.99(L)
Veg Mutton
$12.99(M) $13.99(L)
Soya Malai Champ
Dal Tadka(VEG)
Yellow lentils slow-cooked with chilies, spcies, tomatoes and onions until smooth and creamy.
$10.99(M) $12.99(L)
Shahi Panner(VEG)
Paneer simmered in a thick tomato gravy.
$10.99(M) $12.99(L)
Panner Burji
Rich and creamy curry made with fresh fenugreek leaves and green peas.
$11.99(M) $13.99(L)
Baingan Bharta(VEG)
Tandoor-roasted eggplant mashed & cooked with tomatoes, onions and spices.
$10.99(M) $12.99(L)
Bhindi Do Pyaz(VEG)
A North-Indian dish featuring fresh okra and onions.
$10.99(M) $12.99(L)
Chana Masala
Tradionally spiced chickpea curry.
$10.99(M) $12.99(L)
Dal Makhani(VEG)

Slow simmered black lintils cooked with heavy cream, butter, ginger, garlic, chilies, tomatoes and spices.

$10.99(M) $12.99(L)